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Let's Chat 402-677-2421 your Omaha Nebraska Wedding Planner


“…Elegant Events by Kelley is the only way to go!”

I’ll start my review by stating I’m a bit of a control freak. I sought the help of Kelley to ensure I was planning efficiently, had access to local reference recommendations, and most importantly- to not be the control freak on my wedding day. Her assistance helped me be completely present on wedding day. I wasn’t worried about the details or bothered with questions and problems needing to be resolved, but instead was able to enjoy the day. Weddings are a unique and rare opportunity to gather your closest friends and family, and you should be able to take full advantage of that precious time; Kelley allowed us to do just that.
By the time our wedding rolled around, Kelley didn’t feel like the coordinator attending our wedding, but a good friend. She is extremely organized, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She minimized my anxiety regarding the overwhelming amount of planning by breaking it down into manageable, personalized, and monthly to-do lists.
I highly recommend all brides consider hiring a coordinator to help navigate the beast of planning a wedding.  But what makes Kelley stand out from the rest is her willingness to go above to make her brides happy. She provided an outsider’s opinion when I asked for it, saved our wedding ceremony with a trip for the candles after a miscommunication with the church (granting my family the opportunity to enjoy the rehearsal dinner, and not worry about getting to Hobby Lobby before they close), had flexible meeting times since I planned our wedding from out of state, and was always consistent with returning calls/emails/texts in a prompt manner. Kelley truly was the backbone to our successful wedding day.

– Katelyn

If you’re getting married or know someone getting married, Elegant Events by Kelley Moreno is the one to go to. Don’t know if you need a wedding planner? Don’t know if you can afford one? Yes you do need one and yes you can afford one. Your wedding day is the day that you’ve dreamed about forever. Wouldn’t you want someone to insure that? Kelley made sure my taste and touch was on every aspect. I didn’t worry about a thing. Even if your mom, your aunt, or your sister says they will help plan… you still need a professional to get in there and make sure the DJ or cake company doesn’t flake. Afford a wedding planner? Put it #1 on your budget list. #1! Before your dress, reception location, flowers, everything. Kelley pulls out all the stops for all her weddings. It is so beyond worth it. She is an amazing mother, wife, and friend! She has been a client of mine for years and years, but we’ve became friends! Through the planning of my wedding, she and I spent a lot of quality time together!
Hire a wedding planner. It only makes sense. Elegant Events by Kelley is the only way to go.
If you choose to hire a different wedding planner in Omaha or surrounding areas, you will regret it.

-Jaimie Heisner

Kelley was awesome! I don’t know how we would have had a stress-free wedding day without her! She is very organized and was so incredibly helpful in keeping us on track to get everything done.

– Carissa

Kelley was amazing!!! Extremely professional and I knew I could count on her! She really took care of everything on our wedding day and understood my vision! No complaints! I’d definitely recommend her!

– Caitlyn