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3 Tips To Help You Choose Your DJ

3 Tips To Help You Choose Your DJ
February 1, 2017 Kelley Moreno
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Why is choosing a good Dj so important?

Your Dj controls your reception.  He will be the Master of Ceremonies and can set the tone for the whole evening.  The Dj provides the party!  When your guests are eating and mingling he is making sure your event is staying on schedule. Here are my top tips to help you choose the right Dj.

1- Don’t base your choice off of price.  Your Dj is not just providing music.  He can create the atmosphere you want.  Your Dj can and will dictate the energy in the room.  Also remember the equipment the Dj uses is not cheap.  In order to provide the proper music and entertainment for your party they are required to update frequently.

2- Go with your gut.  It’s important to meet with your Dj well in advance of your wedding.  If you don’t like their personality,  move on.  You should ask to see them work, either at a live event or on video. Read testimonials about them, not just the company they work for.  Think about what you like about a Dj and how involved with the crowd you want them to be. Ask if they are licensed and insured. Ultimately your Dj should be someone you can see taking charge and directing the reception but not being intrusive to your guests.

3- Know What You Want- But let the Dj do their job.  It’s great to have a must play list and a don’t play list.  However, it is part of the Dj’s job to read the crowd and know when to keep the energy up and where to slow it down.  Don’t dictate every song that is played and the sequence you want them played in. They need flexibility in the playlist to keep the crowd happy.  An experienced Dj will play the right song at the right time and keep your dance floor packed with out any cheesy announcements or embarrassing speeches. ( unless that’s what you want…)

Think about the past weddings you have been to and what you liked or didn’t like about the Dj.  What do you want your guests to remember about your reception?  If you have a great Dj I guarantee your guests will remember it!

A company I would recommend for your Dj needs is Image Entertainment. <- click to see info..  Look them up you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Olivia Nelson 1 year ago

    I agree that you would want to consider more than price when looking for a wedding DJ. It would seem that you would want to find someone who is able to create a really great atmosphere more than just give you a cheap price. I’m looking for a DJ for my wedding so I’ll have to find someone who is more than just their price.

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