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2017 Wedding Trends in Omaha Nebraska

2017 Wedding Trends in Omaha Nebraska
December 20, 2016 Kelley Moreno
Flowers Styled shoot Nebraska Wedding
ceiling decor

photo by Ashley Nicole Photographer, Noahs Event Venue

2017 is upon us!  As you plan your wedding I hope you are making it unique and special to you! However its interesting to see what the trends have been and where they are going.  I would be willing to admit many times Omaha is a little behind what’s going on on the coasts and in the far south.

Here in Omaha we tend to have a few of our own trends.   Pink seems to be a running theme.  I saw lots of pink last year and don’t see it slowing at all here.  With the pink comes some sequence and rose gold.  Its not done yet. I think we will continue to see plenty of pinks and rose golds in Omaha.

photo by Sarah Gudeman
flowers by Hyvee

The Pantone Color of 2017 is Greenery.  This is surely a good choice because many brides are going a neutral color pallet with plenty of succulents and greenery.  You will see over sized bouquets that feature the leafy greens and lush green garlands gracing table tops.  Lots of greenery will be used in decor and backdrops will be all the rage again!

Naked cake

photo by Nikki Mcleay
cake by Hyvee


bouquets Nebraska Wedding

flowers by Chevrons and Champangne, photo by Nikki Mccleay









Industrial Venues will continue to be a hit which is good because Omaha has several.  Here is a short list of Omaha Wedding venues to check out if you’d like the industrial feel.

Also There is still a big push for Rustic and Barn Venues. In Omaha Check out The Barn at Ackerhurst Dairy Farm Great option for that rustic feel and you can choose your own caterer.

The Omaha Barn

Omaha has no shortage for venues so no matter what your decor choice you can find something in Omaha to meet your needs.

If you are needing help narrowing down all the options and details in planning your wedding give me a call I’d love to help you choose the decor and venue that fits your style.



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