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Choosing your Wedding Party

Choosing your Wedding Party
November 5, 2016 Kelley Moreno

Your support group, your crew, your squad!  How do you choose your wedding party?  You may have many choices and worry about hurting feelings, how do you narrow down all your options?

Here’s some tips to choosing your wedding party.

real omaha wedding

photo by Sarah Gudeman

1- Truly think about your options.

Once you ask someone to be part of the wedding, its difficult to fire them.  Ask yourself –  Will this person still be a friend 5 years from now? Will they be supportive of you and your wedding vision? Will they get along with the others in your wedding party?

2- Have realistic expectations.

If the friends you choose to be part of your wedding party live far away or have hectic schedules be realistic about what they can afford and what they can help with.  If they can’t be present for every event be flexible or consider choosing someone else.

3- Family First.

Siblings will be around for the years to come, however friends may come and go. (I’ve been married 17 years, I had 3 bridesmaids,  I only speak to 1 of them and that happens about once a year.) Feel free to break rules, have Mom or Dad stand with you.  Have grooms sisters stand with the groom or a bride can have her brother stand with her.

4- Size doesn’t matter.

The average wedding party is 4 and 4 or total of 8.  But truly there are no rules.  If you choose to have more or less that is what ever works for you.  Consider that more people will mean more time and energy spent on coordinating schedules for showers, parties, get-togethers. Imagine trying to choose a date for a bachelorette party with 12 bridesmaids….

5- Reliable, and Responsible.

Of course you want your BFF by your side.  However if this person is not dependable its ok to choose 2 Maid of Honors or 2 Best men.  You need someone you can rely on to keep things together.  One dependable organized wedding party member can truly make your day go so much more smoothly.  Maybe you hit the friend jackpot and know everyone will have your back and help out.  But if not consider having that one point person, maybe even be your personal attendant.

6- Kids?

Its adorable to have a mini-me flower girl or ring bearer.  But Not Required.  It’s also not necessary to have both.  Choose the children you are truly close to and remember kids are unpredictable. Adorable bu unpredictable.

barn wedding kids ring bearers

photo by B Gallery Lincoln Ne

Many times with so many friends and family coming together emotions are high.  If you are dealing with some drama please read my other post.  How to deal with wedding day drama.



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