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How to Deal With Wedding Day Drama

How to Deal With Wedding Day Drama
October 20, 2016 Kelley Moreno

There is Always Drama!

This should be a special time for you and your family and friends to draw closer and enjoy the precious one of a kind moments you are going to experience. However because of the high emotions that are invested in weddings and the relationships that surround them conflict and drama does many times occur.

Let people know your expectations from the beginning. If you expect your Brides maids to help you accomplish certain tasks, put favors together, address save-the-dates and invitations, take you to Vegas for your bachelorette. You must let them know.  If someone tells you they will not be able to comply with your expectations then graciously let them out of being a brides maid or let them out of the particular task they can’t participate in.  Please be reasonable, no need for bride-zilla behavior.

The people in your wedding party and in your family should be putting aside any differences or hurt feelings and focusing on helping you have a positive experience. However sometimes its unavoidable people have differing opinions and can have very strong ideas about how you should do things.

Be sure you are not part of the problem. Be as helpful as you can during this time. Be open to compromise.  Try to see things from their perspective.  Acknowledge their feelings and try to help them understand yours.   If someone is especially difficult (bridesmaid-zilla?)  It’s ok to remove them from your inner circle.  If it is a bridesmaid tell her you feel she is not happy as your bridesmaid and you would be fine if she chooses not to continue.  Give her a way out.  If she chooses to stay, make it work.  If you really feel its best she does not remain, it’s up to you to firmly remind her of her brides maid duties.  First and foremost the duty of a bridesmaid is to support the bride.  If anyone is unable to do that they should not be part of your bridal party.

You must accept you cannot make every one happy.  If family relationships are being strained try to remember what all this is about.  At the end of it all the most important thing is you are married to the love of your life.  Do not throw away a life long friendship or strain a family relationship over the guest list or how the seating chart is put together.  Try to remember your priorities and be flexible on the other details.

Your wedding planner is not your referee.  They are there to support you but they should remain neutral on any emotionally charged issues.  However they can be a great sounding board if you are losing your vision because of too many contrasting opinions.  Wedding planning is stressful, get some help.  Anything that can relieve the stress is worth the money. Can you put a price tag on Peace of Mind?

Good Luck!



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