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Tips to help you choose your wedding flowers

Tips to help you choose your wedding flowers
October 12, 2016 Kelley Moreno

Your  wedding flowers can truly be a memorable part of your decor.  There are so many options.  Pinterest offers a plethora of ideas.  Should you DIY your flowers? How do you find a florist that fits in your budget and style? What is more cost effective?  Would silk be a better option? I can answer a few of these questions.

Flowers Styled shoot Nebraska Wedding

Photo by La La Creative Co. floral by Chevron and Champagne


The truth about budget is most the time using silk flowers is not going to save you money.  Generally good quality silk flowers cost just as much if not more than fresh stems.  The best reason I know of to use silk flowers is if you are doing your flowers on your own and are spending lots of time to put your floral pieces together.  Diy floral is one way to save money however make sure you have the time and energy to spare.  Putting together centerpieces and bouquets is not as easy as it looks.  You can learn alot on YouTube, however do you have the time if it all goes wrong?

Anytime you are doing your own floral weather it be fresh or silk, you need space.  Somewhere to store all the items you need for your pieces.  Somewhere to store the finished product and remember if its fresh flowers they may need refrigeration.  If you are looking to do your own bouquets or centerpieces I recommend ordering your flowers through Sams club or Costco.  I have had excellent experiences with their flowers, and they have reasonable pricing.

photo by Sarah Dickerson Floral by bride

There are many reasons to hire a professional. Not all types of flowers are easy to work with.  Many are fragile and if not handled properly may die or wilt with just a small amount of handling.  Another reason to have a professional do your floral is because they know what the optimum time is to order your type of flower.  They also know how long certain types of flowers take to open .  A professional has the space to store your stems keep them fresh and healthy so your floral decor will be beautiful for your big day.

Some tips when meeting with your florist:

1– Have a budget in mind.  A professional will be able to accommodate your style and be realisitc about your budget.

2 – Have pictures of what you like but be willing to be flexible.  Some flower arrangements are very expensive,  your florist can help you stay on budget but provide something with a similar look.

3– Be sure to look at  photos of their work to see if it matches your style.

4– Don’t forget to discuss re-using ceremony arrangements for your reception and if they will transfer them for you.

photo by Sarah Gudeman flowers by Hyvee

photo by Sarah Gudeman
flowers by Hyvee

5– Your estimate should include delivery and any set up charges.



Omaha has many excellent florists.  There are small business owners that work from home and larger businesses that do several events on a weekend.    When you hire a florist you may want one that can do both small centerpieces and large scale floral decor.  There are a couple I recommend for large scale design and floral. Creating Atmosphere and Booms and Bouquets.  Both of these florists have a minimum amount required to work with them. However when it comes to large floral and decor design these are your people.

Purple tall centerpiece

photo by Geoff Johnson, Floral by Creating Atmosphere


Hyvee Floral dept are very accommodating and can work with any budget.

If you are looking for a small business to support look into Avant Garden floral.  Holly has a passion for flowers and a very unique, modern style.

As I mentioned before Omaha has lots of options for your wedding floral.  Do your research but remember the tips I’ve mentioned.

Its also important to remember when the reception is over all the floral is thrown away unless you make other arrangements to have it preserved or taken out of your venue. Talk with your florist about other options.

flowers Noahs Event Venue Omaha

Photo by Ashley Lynn Photography Flowers by Loess hills




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