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You’re Engaged! Do This First!

You’re Engaged! Do This First!
February 1, 2016 Kelley Moreno

Yay!  Happy dance!  You got the ring!  He asked, you said YES! You’re Engaged!
Of course there are parents to call, and statuses to update, pictures to post!

But what is the first step in the actual planning? Before you choose the venue, ceremony space, or the dress? PLEASE …set a budget.   Do you know how much it costs to have a wedding in Omaha Nebraska?

I know it’s the least fun part of the process and the least romantic, you aren’t going to get butterflies and feel giddy figuring this out, but is is necessary.

Budget has an influence on so many aspects of your wedding, from guest count to decor the budget will dictate size, style and location of your wedding and reception.

Here’s some help, first go to Costofwedding.com and download the info for your zip code.  This will be a valuable guide for you when deciding your budget. This will give you a very realistic breakdown of your wedding costs.

I also suggest considering these things:

  • Do you have money in savings you can spare?
  • Do any parents or family have money they’d like to contribute?
  • Is it possible as you work during your planning you will have money you can set aside to use?

As you gather your information and have a very honest, open conversation about what you can afford you can then look at the breakdown from the Cost of wedding download and see where your budget falls and then consider guest count.

The budget and the guest count will then dictate your venue!

So set your budget, set your priorities and consider how a wedding planner can help you with staying on this budget.

Nebraska wedding

See how much you’ve accomplished?  Now the fun stuff!


Call or text me to set up a time to chat 402-677-2421, we can decide how to make your wedding vision come alive with the budget you have set.


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