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19 Last minute wedding day To-Do’s

19 Last minute wedding day To-Do’s
August 24, 2015 Kelley Moreno

You have the dress! You have the food, the venue!  Invites are sent! Now what?


When your wedding day is 7-10 days out there are a few last minute to-do’s that can help you enjoy your wedding day. Use this list to finalize those planning details!

1- Confirm your beauty preparations about 2 weeks before, and if you are tanning schedule it for 3-4 days before your wedding.

2-Hey groom! 7- 10 days before your day get your hair cut!

3- Make sure your have your Marriage license. The Officiate usually takes it at rehearsal.

4-Confirm your transportation, you want to confirm yours for before the ceremony and for after.  It’s also nice to think of the wedding party and how they will be getting back to their cars or accommodations.


5-There will probably be leftover cake or desserts, plan for a family member or close friend to take this at the end of the night.


6-Personal items, Besides the cake make sure your guest book, leftover programs, pictures, cake serving set is taken care of by someone after the reception so you get them later.

7-Gifts, Where are these going?  What about the $$cards$$?  Some venues will take care of these and lock them up for you but make sure you get it all! Perhaps have a trusted friend or family member take your cards for you.



8- Designate someone to get your bouqet for you!  If you want your family to have any flower arrangements make sure this is planned in advance.  All other centerpieces/flowers will be thrown out unless you have someone to collect them. Remember if the vases are rented you will need something else to put the flowers in.0193


9.  The wedding budget is stretched, but don’t for get the tips! Make envelopes for someone else to hand out tips and final payments the day of.

10-Wedding day timeline, Hopefully you hired a competent wedding planner to help with this ; )  Make sure the wedding party and relatives know where they need to be and what time.  Email, text and have printouts.  Share this with your vendors.

11-Send your photographer a must have photo list and a don’t want list.

12-Take your dress out of the bag, does it need steamed? What about your veil?

13- Put all your wedding jewelry, accessories, undergarments, shoes, and makeup together for you to take to your getting ready spot. Also, any decor or reception items, have them in rubber-maid containers or boxes labeled and ready to go.Carmichael-details-1018-1024x682-570x380


14-Put together an emergency kit.  Some things to include are fashion tape, safety pins, super glue, band aids, mints, ibuprofin, snacks and a needle with thread that matches your dress. Give this to a bridesmaid to bring to getting ready spot.

15-Shop and pack for wedding night, and the morning after, have this bag delivered to the hotel so it’s not something you are lugging around all day!

16-Shop and pack for the honeymoon, travel documents and tickets ready to go.

17- Who’s making toasts? Make sure you and they are prepared.

18- Make a list of your vendors with their phone numbers, put this with your emergency kit.

19- Sleep, relax, Have fun!




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