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Let's Chat 402-677-2421 your Omaha Nebraska Wedding Planner

Enjoying Your Engagement

Enjoying Your Engagement
June 22, 2015 Kelley Moreno

The Engagement part of a courtship is a very busy time.  It’s easy to get so busy with the day to day life and the planning of the wedding you don’t get to enjoy being engaged, betrothed to each other!  This should be a fun romantic time  when the two of you are so excited to move on to the next chapter of your life, you are really enjoying this part of the story.  So, how do you enjoy it?

Spend time together when wedding planning is off limits.  You naturally want to talk about your shoes, accessories and the centerpieces.  The problem is many times the groom doesn’t need or want to discuss every detail.  It’s a good Idea to set aside time to do this.  Perhaps pick an evening when you can open a bottle of wine and go over those to-do lists.  Keep it light and fun, plan for certain items you will do together, but be mindful of the to do items that someone else can help with. Both of you should have a priority list of the details that are most important to you. Then have  fun date nights with no wedding talk, just enjoy each others company and forget about all the “to-do’s.” You know like a date!

Of course both of you want to be involved in the planning, but don’t let the little details cause arguments or stress on your relationship, if there is a detail you are struggling with take a step back a remind yourself what is really important.  Being married and spending the rest of your life with this person.  There will be times for compromise, maybe this is one of them?

Utilize your wedding planner.  Your planner takes the stress off you to coordinate and remember every detail.  Also the planner is all ears, I can’t wait to hear you gush over color choices and I want to help you with any choices you are agonizing over be it cake flavors or centerpieces.

Your groom will be happy that you have someone else to handle the stress and he only gets the sweet, excited you that can’t wait to say I DO!


If the stress of planning is getting to you and your relationship consider hiring Elegant Events by Kelley to help with all the details.  See what my other clients have said on my testimonials page.  402-677-2421




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