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Getting the most out of a bridal show

Getting the most out of a bridal show
February 21, 2015 Kelley Moreno

This is the time of year for planning!  Engagement season is almost over and planning is going full force!  Bridal shows are a great way to launch your planning.  You meet lots of vendors all in one place just for you! However all the booths and vendors can be overwhelming, so here are a few recommendations for getting the most out of a bridal show.

First have a plan!  Make a list of the vendors you still need to book. Check out those booths first! Many vendors offer bridal show specials and gifts, you may get a better deal booking right away. To take advantage of these offers take your calendar and check book with you. Be prepared to schedule appointments and perhaps make a deposit for services.

photo-5-ringsPay attention to each of the booths give-away, even if you don’t need the services of a particular vendor they may be giving away something you want or need.  Some give away gift cards for dinner or a hotel stay, perhaps spa services or specialty gifts.  So make sure you sign up for all the free stuff!

Print out address labels with bride and grooms names,  address, wedding date, phone number and email so you don’t get tired of writing all that info down.  Also use these to stick to specific vendor business cards or flyers that you are interested in.  You will get handed something at every booth you stop at.  If this is a vendor you are interested in or want more information about put your sticker on their card or flyer so you will remember.  Otherwise you go home with a bag full of business cards and flyers and won’t even remember which ones are from vendors you talked to.

Eat Cake!  There will be lots of caterers and bakers there, this is a great incentive for grooms!  Taste their samples, this may help you with your cake flavors and even menu planning.0733-300x300-e1431378209100
Most important have fun!  Take family and or your bridal party, eat samples, watch the fashion shows and sign up for the freebies! Stay as long as you can you may win something!  Visit the vendors offering services you need and ask questions. Learn about them and all they offer.   All your wedding needs are in one place and the vendors want to help you so take full advantage!  If you set up an appointment honor it or if you change your mind or need to cancel please be responsible and contact the vendor to explain.  Meeting does not obligate you to their services but it may help you in your planning process.





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