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Hiring your Wedding Photographer for a Reasonable Price

Hiring your Wedding Photographer for a Reasonable Price
January 26, 2015 Kelley Moreno

You want to feel like you are getting a fair price no matter what you are buying.  This is especially true when it comes to hiring your wedding vendors. You want great service at a price you can afford.  As a wedding planner in Omaha I have done tons of research on Omaha wedding vendors.  I know that Omaha has plenty of great photographers that are worth the price they are charging.  I also know that since this is probably your first time doing this you may not be sure what a fair price is. Here are some guidelines that I hope help you hire your wedding photographer.



You must keep in mind that your idea of a fair price may not be the same as my idea of a fair price.  I see it all the time, brides on a budget calling some photographers pricing outrageous.  However I feel we need to take a close look at all you are paying for when you book your photographer.  First of all this is a very important day.  You are hiring this person to freeze your memories for you in to something tangible.  What if they miss the first kiss?  The tear in your dads eye the first time he sees you?  These are moments you can never get back.  There is no do over.  That is alot of responsibility.   Cha Ching$$  Next,  An experienced photographer knows where to be and when to be there to capture these moments. They know how to capture the best lighting and which setting the camera needs to be on to move from inside to outside. Yes part of what you are paying them for is their experience!  Cha Ching$$. Their equipment is expensive, they should have backups. They are spending at least 10-12 hours of this day on their feet moving around ALOT! If you have a large family or wedding party they are required to work with all of these people. Many times they have an assistant to help with all this coordination and to help capture shots from a different angle.  Believe me you want the second photographer.  Cha Ching $$…


After they have spent all this time taking thousands of photos to capture all your wonderful moments and details comes the editing.  They upload these images and go through each and every one of them getting rid of the not so flattering ones, and highlighting the best shots.  This takes hours! Cha Ching!$$ You are paying for this!



So now is the question, what is a fair price for a wedding photographer?  In Omaha you may find photographer pricing as low as $1500 (some budget packages) and as high as $4000.00.  That price may only cover their services, if you want any extra time, prints or an album it may be extra. If they are lower than $1800.00 you may want to think about why.  Is their package less than 8 hours? Is there more than one shooter?  How experienced are they? Can a photographer that charges less be a good photographer?  Of course, however the experienced photographers know the value of their work and know how much time and energy they are spending and they want to get paid for it, this may be why they are higher priced.  Don’t be afraid to ask “how many weddings have you done?”

Here is the truth about photographer pricing…  I have seen very quality work from $1800 photographer. I have also seen amateur work from photographers that charge more.  How do you know if you should pay the higher fee?  Sometimes you are paying for more than just the quality of the photos.  You are also paying for the peace of mind that your professional photographer services will be up to your expectations.  You are paying for their experience and good reputation.  You do not want to regret your decision when it comes to your wedding photographer.

How do you choose the right one?  Ask around, get referrals, read reviews and look at their portfolio.  If you do not see several weddings in their portfolio ask to see more! If you are not in love with their images keep looking!  There are different styles of photography, do your research and find out what style you like and who fits this style. Some photographers will work with your budget so be up front about what you can spend.  Also if you meet with a photographer and do not connect go with your gut.  You need to like them you will be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day.   My personal recommendation is to set aside around $3000.00 for photography.  If you find one you like for less that is great for your budget!

Your wedding planner can help steer you toward photographers that will meet your needs and budget.  As I’ve mentioned before, Omaha has a wide variety of photographers to choose from, so let me help narrow down your choices. call 402-677-2421 to set up your free consultation.




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