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5 Wedding Planner Myths Busted!

5 Wedding Planner Myths Busted!
January 19, 2015 Kelley Moreno

Every one has heard different things about having a wedding planner.  I want you to know the truth! Do not let these top 5 wedding planner myths deter you from hiring a wedding planner.

Myth #1. A wedding planner takes over all the planning and I won’t get to be as involved as I’d like.  Truth: Your wedding planner is not there to take over, but to offer guidance and advice so your planning process goes smoother. Your planners knowledge and expertise can help you make your decisions. You are completely involved in the process.  The planner will help all your ideas come together.

Myth #2.  Planners only work with a certain list of vendors and they get deep discounts from these vendors.   Truth: I have never asked a vendor to reduce their price for my clients.  I do however only introduce my clients to vendors that match their needs and budget. An experienced wedding planner saves you time by narrowing your search for vendors down to the ones that are suitable.

Myth #3.  Planners and coordinators get kickbacks from vendors.  Truth: My top priority is to my clients.  I do what benefits them the most not me.  If I choose a vendor it is because they are going to serve my clients needs the best.

Myth #4.  Wedding planners are expensive.  Truth: Weddings are expensive. You are spending alot of money on a party that you need to run smoothly and you want to enjoy to the fullest! How much would you pay for peace of mind?   What about the time and energy it takes to plan a wedding can you put a price tag on that?  Believe it or not their advice and expertise can save you money.

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Myth #5.  My Aunt, cousin, sisters best friend can do it.  Truth:  Unless this person is a professional or has experience you are asking them to take on a very large responsibility.  Don’t you want your family and friends to be guests and enjoy all the details?  Don’t you want them to celebrate with you?  How sad for them to miss some special memorable moment because they are off dealing with some unexpected situation.

When it comes to making a decision about hiring a wedding planner do not let myths makeup your mind.  I offer free consultations.  I will meet with you and dispel any apprehension you may have.  Let me know other questions you may have about hiring a wedding planner. Post your questions in the comments.

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