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5 Wedding Planning Details You Don’t Want to Forget

5 Wedding Planning Details You Don’t Want to Forget
January 12, 2015 Kelley Moreno

When it comes to wedding planning, a lot of big tasks get taken care of very quickly, but after the first 6-7 months things slow down a bit. Still you have that nagging feeling you are forgetting something? The last few months before the wedding are filled with anxious excitement, here are a few details you don’t want to forget.

-Ceremony and or cocktail hour music.  The Dj or band for you reception was booked months ago, but what about your ceremony?  If it is at a church do they provide it for you?  What is your song choice?  Is it in your budget to hire a quartet or guitar soloist?  Also consider how the sound is handled for your ceremony. Do you and your officiant need a mic?  Who is going to provide this?  Many times guest complain because they can’t hear you say your vows. This is what they are here for!  Also is there music during cocktail hour?  It may not be necessary but it is a nice touch to set the mood.

-Favors, favors can be something small or something handmade just to say thank you.  A simple take home bag of treats, or a photo of you to remind them.  What ever you choose make sure if its do it yourself you have the time.  If things need ordered or rented now is a good time to research it and check it off the list.

-Who is helping you the day of the wedding?  Your bridesmaids are with you and you want your family members to relax and enjoy themselves before the big event. Your venue may do alot for you, perhaps setting up tables and chairs and placing centerpieces.  Is there a person making sure your reception is laid out just as you envisioned it?  Who’s making sure all the groomsmen have shown up and have their boutonnieres?  Who’s dealing with any hiccups like the wrong type or color of linens?  Do you want to be bothered? Do you want your family member stressing?  Is there one person making sure things are staying on time?  Now is a good time to meet and hire a day of coordinator so you can truly enjoy your day.  Your peace of mind and their experience is priceless.

-Have you taken the time to pick up your marriage license?  You do not want to forget this.  Also don’t leave it til last minuet!  Both parties must sign the application in person at the county clerks office, bring identification such as a drivers license or passport and $20.00 cash. In Nebraska your license is valid for 1 year.  After you get it keep it in a safe place until you can hand it over to your officiant.

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-What are the arrangements for after the party? How are you getting to your accommodations?  Who’s available to drive?  Does your bridal party have transportation?  Are your vehicles going to be where you need them to be in the morning?  Do you have someone to take care of gifts and other leftover items you may want kept after the reception? (flowers, favors, guestbook, photos) Make arrangements, keep in mind you may not want your family members to have to deal with all of this at midnight.   A day of coordinator would also be helpful with many of these arrangements.


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