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3 Ways To Cut Your Budget

3 Ways To Cut Your Budget
December 8, 2014 Kelley Moreno

I’m just gonna cut to the chase here these suggestions are neither original or unique.  However if you are looking to save some money then these 3 suggestions are tried and true ways to cut your budget.

1. Guest count- Let’s face it more guests=more everything! Food, drinks, tables, chairs, invitations, decorations!  If you trim the guest count you will also trim the budget.

2. Flowers – Everyone loves flowers, but it really is ok NOT to have flowers on every table. By keeping your table decoration simple, just greenery, candles, pictures or something else unique, you will cut your budget.  Also talk with your florist about the flowers that are in season,this can help keep your flower budget in check.



3.  Alcohol – Your guests should not have to pay for drinks. However you shouldn’t go broke paying for your guests to drink.  Pick a drink budget and stick to it.  Keeping your guest count in check will also help with this.  Some simple ideas are have signature cocktails, and beer and wine.  Another idea is splitting the times during the reception, cocktails during cocktail hour, beer and wine during dinner, another hour of cocktails after dinner. It is ok to only provide drinks for cocktail and dinner and go to a cash bar after a couple hours.  Have plenty of free non alcoholic options.  Keep in mind you’re not going to make everyone happy.  Your guests can have a good time without the open bar all night.

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Tell me in the comments what you think about my budget-cutting tips.


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