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Questions Engaged Couples Need To Ask To Start Planning

Questions Engaged Couples Need To Ask To Start Planning
November 10, 2014 Kelley Moreno

Your engagement is definitely one of the most exciting events in your life. You can’t wait to call your friends, call your family, change your facebook status!  Then it hits you “we have to plan a wedding!”  Where do we start?!  Here are a few big questions that are going to help get the ball rolling. The answer to some of these may be easy and your planning journey is just beginning!

1. What kind of wedding do we want?

Small and intimate or the party of the year? Destination, or hometown? Who’s hometown? Elegant, formal, casual, laid back… Your options are endless, and you both may have a unique vision, but compromise is key to having the special unique event that says this is you.  Set up a time to get together and make a list of what is important to each of you. This list will help you with the other questions and details that come up in your planning process.

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2. Where should we have our ceremony and our reception?

Of course venue is important but in the early stages of planning it is important to decide geographical location. This might be an easy decision however if you do not live near your families you may want their input. Location is important in determining how much help you may need.

3. How much time do we need to plan the wedding we want?

Do you have the time to plan this event? Some brides and grooms are ok with planning a wedding while they are finishing school, working and moving across the country and maintaining a long distance relationship,…. But planning a wedding can be very stressful, be realistic with how much time you need and how much help you will need depending on many of the answers to these other questions.

4. How much help do we need to make our event every thing we want it to be?

This is not just help with the planning but do you need help financially? Who should you ask? Or do you need to revisit question # 1 or 2?

5. What is our budget and how can we make our dream wedding happen on this budget?

Budget is a very important factor in determining what kind of wedding you will have. Do you have help? There are many reasons to continue to revisit question 1 and the lists you have to help you with these other questions.  If you have a budget your meetings with vendors will be much more productive, so it’s important for this to be something you decide in your early planning days.



Yes many of these questions lead to other questions, of course you might get overwelmed!  So please consider the help of a local wedding planner so that you can keep your sanity.  The most important thing is to put the emphasis on the marriage not the wedding.  In the end if it is a small barn wedding, or the over the top ball room extravaganza, keep considering each others feelings and all will go smoothly!

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