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10 Omaha Wedding Venues That Allow You To Use Your Own Caterer

10 Omaha Wedding Venues That Allow You To Use Your Own Caterer
October 2, 2014 Kelley Moreno

I have help for those brides looking for a venue that allows you to bring in your own caterer. Omaha has several very nice options. Some provide the drinks, but allow you flexibilty and freedom when choosing your caterer.

  1. The Living Room in the Mastercraft building, This venue allows you to bring in your own food or work with a caterer and bartender of your choosing.
  2.  Noah’s Event Center,  This brand new venue opened in May of 2016, the venue is simply beautiful and they allow any caterer of your choosing.
  3. Legacy Hall located at 6104 Irvington Road allows you to hire your own caterer or prepare your own food.  This is a spacious venue with a capacity of over 400!
  4. The Omar Baking building, This building has a capacity for 300.  They supply tables and chairs as well as the set up.  You choose your caterer.
  5. Fountains West, this venue does provide drinks and bar packages, but outside caterers are welcome!
  6. Vintage Ballroom, This ballroom in downtown Omaha has an intimate feel and can pulloff the urban, rustic, or modern feel you are going for.  No caterer attached.
  7. Durham Museum, One of Omahas most unique venues,  Durham has a capacity of 350+ and outside caterers are welcome.
  8. The Hills event center, This newly renovate space is really set up to please!  They provide your bar and alcohol, however you can bring in your own caterer, for a extra fee.
  9. City of Omaha Parks, There are so many options here for ceremony or receptions, from outdoor spaces to pavilions with full kitchens available for the caterer of your choosing.
  10. Simply Ballroom Omaha Banquet Facility located at 27th and Farnam, can occupy 300This venue is able to have both your ceremony and reception, also Free Parking!

If you are looking to have options with your caterer these are a few venues in Omaha that allow outside caterers.  Another option I would recommend is looking at the Art Galleries and Wineries in the area. If you are looking for more information on Omaha venues check out the Nebraska Wedding Day website.  Keep in mind the extra organizing and planning you may need when you hire your own caterer, there are generally more rentals and more details for you to personally handle.  Consider having a wedding planner to help with these extra details.


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