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Who Wants You to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Who Wants You to Hire a Wedding Planner?
September 24, 2014 Kelley Moreno

Your decorator or designer does!

I recently had the privilege of working with Dustin Moorhead from Creating Atmosphere. Dustin’s designs are amazing and beautiful and he captures the vision of the bride so completely!

I asked Dustin his opinion on why it benefits the couples he works with to hire a Wedding planner. Dustin’s response was this “I believe that by working with a wedding planner the designer is able to condense down a lot of information from the client to a clear and concise vison when meeting with the client.  The planner also helps to keep to a very nicely outlined budget for the design portion keeping things on track and moving smoothly.”

The events Creating Atmosphere designs are large scale and any extra support with organization is very helpful. Once Dustin gets your clear vision he then creates these masterpieces that will wow you and your guests


No matter the size of your event, having a wedding planner can help you have very productive meetings with your vendors, cutting down on the time needed to meet with vendors. You are busy and having to meet more than once with a vendor can be a frustrating use of your time. A wedding planner can also help keep you on budget and keep your planning organized and moving smoothly.

Still wondering if you should hire a wedding planner?

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